This past weekend my friend Kristen came out to Palm Springs where we celebrated her birthday a few days early and had fun with a nighttime photo shoot inspired by the TV show American Woman. It was such a good reminder that creating for fun is so necessary for creatives. Here’s why…

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As bloggers/influencers/creatives, you often get into a zone of creating content within certain parameters — often because you are shooting a collaboration for a brand.

While that is necessary and often great as well, to keep yourself inspired, it’s important just to have fun and create for no reason at all.

Kristen and I have both really been into the decor and fashion on American Woman, so when she proposed a photo shoot inspired by this photo, I was all in.

Clearly. Haha.

Fred Baby and I always talk about shooting at night, but never do.

I’m so glad Kristen came up with this idea, because it’s motivated me to think outside the box again (and by box, I mean ‘gram) and shake things up.

What do you think?

I know I’m biased, but I think Fred Baby slayed it with these pictures! I also had fun editing them with FaceTune 2 (that’s where those light flares are from — it’s fun to experiment!).

Thank you Kristen for always inspiring me and happy early birthday, you fabulous American Woman!

You can follow Kristen’s adventures on her personal account at MissKristagram and her creative agency’s account at Carpe Creative. I look forward to more creative adventures together!

My dress and peacock chair are both vintage, but I’ve linked how to get the look below.

p.s. More adventures with Kristen: How to Style a Bar Cart, How to Host a Fabulous Friendsgiving, How to Make a Turban, How to Kiki.

p.p.s. The Fashion of American Woman + another sequin dress I just ordered (it’s on major sale!)




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