Aaah, April has arrived! April Fool’s Day aside, we both love and hate April.
Love it because it’s officially our birthday month. Yes, we are indeed that vain that we celebrate a whole month, rather than just one day. Are you surprised? We do dedicate our lives to finding objects we want, after all. And, let’s be honest, birthdays are all about cupcakes and all things sweet and nostalgic.
Hate it because today is the official start of our ban on buying anything for ourselves until said birthday near the end of the month. Le sigh.
So, we’ll simply put our desires here, obvi.
First up, our love affair with Madrid-based artist Blanca Gomez. When we first saw Gomez’s joyful illustrations making the design blog rounds, we swooned like a girl in a Parisian macaron shop. We instantly yearned for our own giant balloon to float around town with, Mary Poppins-style.
We think you’ll be charmed, too.
Meet the optimistic Blanca Gomez here.

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