Chasing Komodo dragons in Indonesia; Komono Island; New york Magazine is the best magazine ever; great winter getawaysl winter escapes

Komono Island, Indonesia


It’s 97 degrees here in LA, but after reading New York magazine’s great article on creative winter getaways, I’m already planning my escape. So instead of waiting (like I always do) until you’ve got a mean case of the reds because you haven’t seen sun in far too long come January or February, why not start looking forward to the possibilities? I for one think chasing Komodo dragons in Sri Lanka sounds like the adventure of a lifetime. Really! But maybe tracking the Big Five on foot in South Africa is more your speed? Or ogling auroras in Sweden? Sooo many adventures to choose from…

As an aside, isn’t New York magazine the best? One might guess that the favorite magazine of a “style expert” would be Vogue or InStyle or Lucky, but nope, it’s New York magazine. Do you love it too? If not, what makes your heart race when it arrives in your mailbox?

p.s. Can I borrow $10,000? Thanks!

p.p.s. (Ha, I said peepee!) 21 questions with Nora Ephron!

[Photo by Jurgen Freund/Aurora Photos/Alamy]

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