Best Beauty Product Under $35: Penguin Humidifier

The best way to combat aging, other than a chic hat, moisturizer and sunscreen that won’t kill you? Hydration. And while drinking 64 ounces of water — or something like it — is all well and good, if you live in a climate that’s dry, there’s an age fighter that will become your new BFF – a humidifier. In the desert,  a humidifier is a must if you want to wake up in the morning and not feel like you’re dying. Skin and hair both go from dry and less than lifeless to smooth and nicely plumped up and we suggest it for less extreme climates too. Fortunately, there’s no need to bring home an ugly hunk of plastic to benefit your beauty. Instead, adopt a sweet penguin (or frog, cow, elephant, piggy and more) and he’ll give you all the moisture you need, while giving you all the charm you crave, too.

Where to get beautiful for under $35 no less?

Right here.

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