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I don’t know about you but I’m always on the hunt for cute cocktail dresses. Between hosting parties and attending events like baby showers and weddings, I always find myself in need of a new dress. And always at the last minute. Case in point? I’m hosting an Emmy’s viewing party in LA on Sunday (details to come!) and in the rush of getting out invites and thinking about food, drinks and decor, it totally slipped my mind that I needed something “cocktail-chic” to wear to my own party! 

When I saw this Erin Fetherston dress I thought come to mama! It’s just so Breakfast at Tiffany’s my head could explode. But the overnight shipping charge ($45) on something I already was splurging on scared me off. Then again, it’s free regular shipping, so I might as well be ready for the next event, right? Right? Someone give me that little push to press “buy” please. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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So I soldiered on (as much as one can “soldier on” in Online Shopping Land) and found this darling little Flocked Dot Bow Dress by Pim + Larkin on Piperlime! Cute too in a ’50s ladylike way and for one third of the price and with free returns, I ordered it in two sizes that way I don’t have to worry about if it fits. I plan to add some sparkle and think I’ll be comfortable sipping cocktails, nibbling on food and Instagramming in it. Yes, it’s a sport.

Looking forward to sharing how I wear it on the red carpet on Sunday!

p.s. This chiffon feather skirt is really cute too. And I LOVE this dress.

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