Do you know what looks good on you? Apparently I don’t. More on that + the flowy maxi dress with sleeves I get complimented on the most (bonus: it’s on sale!)…

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Flowy Maxi Dress With Sleeves: Roller Rabbit 'Manfred Klara Dress' c/o | Pineapple Sunglasses: Gucci dupes | White Flower Earrings: similar | Boater Hat: Hats by Olivia c/o | Sparkly Glitter Boots: J.Crew |

Do you know what looks good on you?

I thought I did. But this dress has me thinking otherwise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I picked this dress out (the brand kindly sent a lookbook and let me choose from their collection).

But the colors aren’t my typical palette, and when I put it on I thought it washed me out.

I assumed Fred Baby would agree, but he ended up loving it. He said it actually made me look TAN — the complete opposite view I had of thinking it washed me out.

I wore it to an appointment, and an older gentleman went out of his way to come over to tell me that I looked “absolutely fabulous.” That kindness made my day — and was unexpected at a doctor’s appointment.

Even though I love the cut and flowy-ness of this dress — it’s SO comfy — I just thought it seemed a bit more boho than my normal look and that the colors are much softer than the poppy hues I normally gravitate towards.

But it got me to thinking…

Do I know what looks good on me?

Do you?

I wore it again on Sunday and my best friend said “Wow, you look darling.”

I think I’m most surprised at how much joy this dress seems to bring to others — I see the sparkle in their eyes — and how I could be so wrong. Haha.

Anyway, I thought it was a fun question to ponder:

Do YOU know what looks good on you?

Would love to hear in the comments!

p.s. This Roller Rabbit dress is on sale! I linked more similar flowy maxi dresses with sleeves that I love below…

p.p.s. We shot these photos in front of Lick Ice Cream in Austin, which I found in Carrie Colbert’s Austin Mural Guide!




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