We’re ready for an adventure. Safari? Urban jungle? Barney’s sample sale?
Whatever the spot, we want to be prepared and we’re in desperate need of a new travel bag.
Seeing as every bag in the wonderful world of ladies is severely overpriced (like our haircuts, hello!), we thought we’d take a gander at what the guys have going on. Since most men are still hesitant to score a manbag or murse, their bags tend to be on sale much more often and at much better prices.
For instance, we’re digging this compact messenger, made of tough canvas and trimmed with rich leather. It has that cool Hemingway vibe and, on sale for less than 30 clams, we won’t feel bad about kicking it under our seat, getting it dirty in the sand or the city, or making our man carry it (and he won’t lose his dignity, which may or may not have been compromised in the past with decidedly non-u-n-i-sexy bags).
Let’s hear it for the boys.
Right here.

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