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Winter. You ignorant slu–dge. You’re not my favorite season, but you’re not gonna get me down. I’m gonna channel my inner chi (re: watch The Millionaire Matchmaker marathon), crank up my sun lamp, slather on my tanning gel and pretend you don’t exist (kind of like I do with Taylor Swift) as I look forward to spring and spring fashion. Who’s with me?

1. Vintage-inspired florals –Nicole Richie’s spring Winter Kate collection is so cute and this look is my absolute fave and perfect for LA’s laidback vibe.

2. Stunning sunnies — Speaking of vintage vibes, these Kate Spade sunglasses are the cat’s meow.

3. Scalloped shorts — I’ve been dying for a pair of scalloped shorts and these are reasonably priced and insanely cute, in both colors. The tops are perfection too.

4. Prints charming — I resolve to embrace more prints in the New Year and this adorable Kate Spade birdie bag is how I plan to start.

5. Vintage-inspired shoes — These look cute and comfy and go perfectly with those scalloped shorts and that floral top. Forward march. Is it April yet?


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