Darlings, on this day five years ago, on a block of ice in Central Park, my amazingly sweet husband and I said I do, surrounded by just a handful of our dearest family and friends, but infinite amounts of love and warmth, despite the 18-degree temperatures (sorry friends and fam, but it was memorable!).



We vowed to explore the world together (and so very luckily have — and hopefully will continue to do so, always and forever).



I vowed to move again and again and again. Check, check and check. He vowed to make me milkshakes when I’m hungry and bring me blankets when I’m cold, and has certainly done both generously and often, the former to the detriment of my waistline, but c’est la vie, lovies!



I can’t believe how quickly time flies, yet how many lifetimes it seems we have lived since that amazing day. I’ll be taking the day off to enjoy it to the fullest, but will be back on Monday to begin sharing this week’s desert trip photos with you and much more (so far we’ve seen a falling star, a moonbow, and five rainbows in ONE day – so it’s been a pretty magical week!).



I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with love and rainbows. And to my sweet K, I love you to the moon(bow) and back. Being with you has been the greatest adventure of them all.


[Photos by kellygolightly]

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