We’re in problem-solving mode. And the problem we’re solving today is headaches. Make that headaches and flyaways.
No, we won’t be prescribing a fistful of baby aspirins — or a bottle of vodka (chicken/egg?).
We’re talking about the kind of headaches caused by your serious love of headbands — and yes, we blame Gossip Girl too.
Whether you like headbands purely for their aesthetic appeal or you need them to tame your growing-out tresses, or they’re a must for keeping your locks in place while working out, one thing most of us can agree on is that traditional headbands end up causing seriously annoying headaches.
So it was quite a relief (literally) when former civil engineer Rebecca Michaels created Violet Love headbands, a.k.a. the ‘No-Headache Headband.’
Available in a rainbow of colors and prints, the simple headbands do exactly what they’re supposed to: stay in place, keep your hair pulled back, and make you look cute.
Keeping you from becoming a total headcase.
Where to feel the love, Violet Love that is?
Right here.
Spring Break: Feel the love from Violet Love with an exclusive 20% off for kellygolightly readers! Simply use code BUSS20 at checkout through April 1, 2009.

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