Trying to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and be the change? Starting with changing your non-existent workout routine? We can relate.
Whether you’ve vowed to actually attend those yoga classes you signed up for or head to a brutal (but effective) Bar Method or Physique 57 class, you’ll need a cute little gym bag to get you there. And one that doesn’t cost you more than the class itself.
Which is why we’re loving this cute cotton bag that’s super versatile too. It has a zippered mesh compartment making it perf for toting gym gear or swimwear, and elastic straps that can be used to hold a yoga mat or towel.
Trust us, being prepared for a workout, even if it’s to the park to do some stretches, really does give you one less reason not to procrastinate.
For less than $15, get in shape girl and look darling doing it

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