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Happy Hump Day! I have a lot of random things on my mind lately, so I thought I’d do a Weekend Links type roundup a few days early. Or more like what I would chat about if I were catching up with a friend. Hmm, maybe we can call it Happy Hour? Grab a bevvie –here’s what’s on my mind…

OMG have you seen Queer Eye? It’s SO good. In the heartwarming department, it’s right up there with This Is Us. Except in the end, you’ll always cry tears of joy. Honestly, the best. Do you have a favorite host? My initial least favorite became my most favorite: JVN! I didn’t get him at first and thought he was totally over-acting, but then realized he is SO who he is, owns it, and is so sweet. I love him. I love them all actually.

Speaking of shows I’m obsessed with, have you been watching Celebrity Big Brother? I’d never even seen an episode of BB before, but our friend Ross is on the Celebrity edition and it’s been riveting. In addition to the shows that air, there are live feeds you can watch, which is amazing and creepy all at once. We’re literally spying on our friend’s conversations and watching him brush his teeth. But good news: He’s made it to the final week! Cross your fingers he takes home the gold.

Instagram. Ugh. It used to be so fun, right? I’m not sure if this is only a blogger/business owner problem, but it’s become so not fun because of the algorithm and changes beyond our control (essentially, even if you follow me – or anyone for that matter – Instagram might not show you our posts. Lame!). While it may be bad for business, I’ve decided to stop caring. I’m posting when I want to post, instead of optimizing for likes. I hope you enjoy the content if and when you see it!

We left Odee for the very first time on Saturday night. It was only for an hour as we hopped over to Christopher Kennedy’s Modernism Week party, which was at the 2016 Showhouse, where I designed the Glam Cave. I’m happy to report it went well. Odee slept in her den (aka her crate) the whole time. We know this because we had a webcam on her the entire time – hello Big Brother!

As for the party, it was great of course, but I totally had to Valium up for it. I thought it was going to be a small affair of maybe 30 people so was surprised when we showed up and it was more like 300. When we first walked in, we tried to escape out back by the pool but there were so many people it wasn’t possible. So we made a mad dash to an empty room. I took some meds and then decided to do a video tour because it took my mind off of me and how I was feeling. It worked! I’m glad because I really wanted to see the room I’d designed. The homeowners made a few minor edits (which I loved) but otherwise it was the same. So fun to see! Also fun but weird, I had a lot of people come up to me to say nice things. I have no idea how they knew who I was and that I’d designed the closet, but I appreciated their kind words. Little did they know I’d been on the verge of a panic attack five minutes earlier.

My Buggy, sister and her hubby are coming this weekend to visit for a week and I’m SO excited to see them! There’s a good chance I might take the week off from blogging because I want to soak up their visit and I’m not so good with multitasking. I know some people are, or they have to be, but I’m not and I don’t have to be, so why not actually take advantage of it, right? I’m calling 2018 The Year of No Pressure. Do what I want when I want, and I encourage you to do the same!

Okay, it was great catching up. We’ve got friends coming over for an in-person happy hour and dinner later, so I’m going to head off to leisurely prepare for that.

Thanks for listening and please do comment below or over on Instagram if you have any thoughts on any of the above or anything that’s been on your mind that you’d like to share.



p.s. Thanks to several of you on Instagram, I now know that these flowers are called Yellow Bells. How sweet is that?


Photo by Kelly Golightly

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