Looking for a Father’s Day gift that will knock his socks off? Here’s an idea that will do just that — and record the process: the GoPro HD Camera HERO2. It shoots breathtaking professional-quality HD videos and photos, all while strapped to your head or surfboard or bike. Or wherever your imagination might take you…

gopro hd camera hero2 under water review


We all chipped in and got one for my brother-in-law’s birthday a few weeks ago. He scuba dives, among other adventurous things, and it was fun testing it out in the pool with my niece (the star of the video above!). They’re great if Dad bikes, skis, golfs, scuba dives or just wants to film his next Blair Witch Project. You can watch some videos shot with the GoPro Hero and pick one up here.

They’re awesome. Just like Dad.



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