palm springs wildfires idylwild; photo by fred baby for

This week was a reminder not to take anything for granted. While I was sitting on the couch working on Monday, the light changed from sunny bright white to an eery glowing burnt orange. I looked up from my laptop to see this. Idyllwild, the town on the other side of the mountain from Palm Springs, was burning. It’s odd how something so devastating can also be so beautiful. In pain, there is beauty, I suppose.

idylwild wildfires

Fred Baby shot these pictures on our drive out of Palm Springs on Monday back to LA. It looked as if a nuclear bomb had exploded.

idylwild wildfiresidylwild wildfires

So many people I know are going through tumultuous times right now. It seemed like this was the physical manifestation of all that is happening.

idylwild wildfiresidylwild wildfires

Sending love and hugs to those who need extra and a reminder to savor good times and moments with those you hold dearest while they last.

[Photos by Fred Baby]

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