Hi-Lo: Karen Walker Knockoff Sunglasses #kellygolightly

While I’m an unabashed color lover through and through, and can usually be spotted in vibrant hues (pink, yellowgreenblue), I’ve always had a thing for safari dresses, despite my love/hate relationship with khaki.

Love this khaki safari dress + it's perfect for hot days in Palm Springs. #kellygolightly #safaristyle #safaridress #michaelstars #howtowearneutrals

Khaki: A Love/Hate Story, coming soon to a theater near you. Prepare to be on the edge of your seats!

You see, my aversion to khaki stems from having to wear khaki shorts for nearly three years straight as a Piggly Wiggly cashier (true story).

Frayed Hat + Safari Dress #kellygolightly #michaelstars #lackofcoloraus

Don’t be too alarmed. I kept myself plenty entertained. I “initiated” new bag boys by telling them that the proper way to bid adieu to customers upon checkout was for me to say “Have a Piggly Wiggly day” to which they were to follow with an “Oink, oink.”

Cute banana clutch on #kellygolightly

It’s the little things isn’t it?

Sun & Moon pins by Astley Clarke #kellygolgihtly

Speaking of little things, how darling are these sun & moon biography pins?

How To Wear Khaki #kellygolightly

But back to Khaki: A Love/Hate Story. I also have a major soft spot for khaki too, as Fred Baby wore it often when we first met and started dating.

Did I fall in love with him because of the khaki or despite it? We may never know…

Banana Clutch #kellygolightly #kayudesign #anthropologie

What do you think of khaki: yay or nay?


I’m a yay when it comes to the safari dress/utility dress/shirtdress look, as it makes me want to plan an African safari stat.

Funny how a single dress and color has sparked memories of my first job, the first time I saw my (now) husband, and also inspired an exotic dream trip in my future. Amazing what fashion and color can do, isn’t it? And people think fashion is silly…




 dress (sold out but available in olive here + here + in olive, navy & black here + I linked to lots more khaki dresses in the slideshow below) c/o | banana clutch c/o | hat | sandals c/o | similar sunglasses (also here)



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