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First, there were polka dot nails… Now, watermelon nails! You may remember my fruity fingertips from this outfit post, in which I matched my watermelon top to my nails. Now, here’s the DIY on how to get watermelon nails of your own…

Flamingo optional.

1. Paint a base coat of pinky red like Essie Boat House or Canyon Coral. Let dry. (You could even use a flamingo hue like this.)

2. Using a minty green nail polish, paint the tips of your fingernails like you would a French manicure. (It’s easiest to follow the natural white tips, but don’t stress too much about being perfect; it’s actually easier than you would think.)

3. Using a toothpick, gently drag black nail polish to paint on seeds.

Voila, watermelon nails! To be enjoyed with the world’s best margarita and a flamingo straw!

[Photos by FredBaby13; I first spotted watermelon nails on my fashion blogger pal Erica’s Instagram; she has a great DIY on her blog Sweets and Hearts on how to get Pastel Watermelon Nails. Check it out!]


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