While getting ready for Cinco de Mayo dinner, I decided to re-paint my nails. Though I had quite a few fun colors to choose from, it’s this sunny yellow I love best right now so I decided to just stick with that.  But I thought it would be fun to add a little twist.

Earlier in the day, we were at Paper Source, where I picked up a few metallic pens for writing notes and cards. The pens were lying next to the polish on my coffee table and that’s when inspiration struck: Why not polka-dot my nails?!


 If you’d like to polka-dot your nails, here’s the quick how-to:

1. Paint your nails (I used two coats of Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow) and let dry thoroughly.

2. Using a Sakura Gelly Roll gold metallic pen, press firmly yet gently to create each dot.

–>  Tip: You just want to quickly press down and remove — don’t move the pen around or it can smear. 


That’s it!  I’m looking forward to trying this again with mint polish and the silver pen I picked up too. You can find the pens for $1.49 each at Paper Source or pick up a 10-pack of multiple colors here.


Do you have any favorite nail polishes, patterns or color combinations these days?



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