Cuz it’s ruining me again. I wish it weren’t so, but it’s true. Especially now that I’m within walking distance of a place that makes Nutella crepes. Why me, God, why me?! So here’s the short of it. I’ve been indulging in my crepes and soda and donuts and well, the usual. And since I’m not gaining any weight from it, I didn’t see the problem. Until I started having massive headaches every time I ate that is. Accompanied by dizziness, hand tremors and mood swings (not that those are abnormal).
So I looked up hypoglycemia and fit all the symptoms, except for one. Which was trouble sleeping. I’ve got noooo problems with that. Anyway, I found this online test which tells you if you might be hypoglycemic or not. If you score under a 20 you’re fine, over and you might have a problem. I scored a 78. Ooops.
Anyway, all I need to do is cut the sugar and eat healthier. Oh, and exercise. But if you have severe hypoglycemia, apparently you can get brain damage and it can even be fatal. So ummm, as hard as it is for me to resist sugar right now, I think I’ll make a decent effort. Everything in moderation is sooo boring. Watch out people: I’m one moody biatch when I’m in detox. That’s your fair warning.

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