At Shecky’s Girls Night Out a few weeks ago, we scored some samples of Yes To Carrots Body Butter in our goody bags.
If you’ve been reading kellygolightly for any length of time, you may have noticed that we don’t write about beauty products that often. That’s mostly because most fail to impress and don’t live up to their promises.
So imagine how much we really love this product to actually be effusing about it here.
Dry skin from San Francisco’s blustery “summer” got you down (no, we’re not bitter)? Or, perhaps it’s too much time in the sun (lucky beeyotch) that’s zapped your delicate skin into lizard-level territory?
Turn that Botox-free frown upside down. Yes To Carrots is full of beta-carotene, known for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, as well as Dead Sea Mud (yummy). It’s paraben-free too, which basically means no harmful chemicals will be seeping into your skin.
We love it simply because it makes our skin instantly soft and glowy. What more could a girl ask for (other than a chateau in the south of France and calorie-free cupcakes)?
Best of all, even though it looks and feels like a much more expensive product, you can nab a nice big tubby tub tub of it for less than $13.
See, Mom was right: Carrots are good for you.
Say goodbye to dry here.
p.s. Speaking of dry, kellygolightly editor Kelly Lee is embarking on a road trip adventure, taking her straight through the desert. She’s sharing her style diary and musings on the kellygolightly blog and will be Tweeting from the road. Wanna know what to wear — and what not to wear — when it’s literally hotter than Hades? Take a little vacay without leaving your seat. Check out Style On the Road With Kelly here.


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