It’s been a busy, busy week at kellygolightly HQ and I’m looking forward to some downtime and fun time with my bestie from college and my hubby this weekend (Malibu here we come!).  I hope you have a wonderful, reviving and inspiring first fall weekend!

Some highlights from the week:

The Wardrobe Challenge Continues: I’ve laughed. I’ve pouted. I’ve cheated. I’ve determined I’m a tights junkie. See the journey HERE.

Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge 15:30 Project

Yesterday's look.


Kelly’s Picks Launches: Because sharing is caring, five things I’m loving right now. See them all HERE.


Kelly's Picks; Favorite Things; Good Things

A virtual visual love fest.


Best of Fashion Week: I can’t get Erin Fetherston’s spring 2011 collection out of my head. See all of our favorites HERE.


Erin Fetherston; Fashion Week Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston's Spring 2011 collection.






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