Have you seen the work of London artist Ann Carrington? I discovered her from watching the new Bravo show 9 by Design (which you must watch — 1 couple, 7 kids, one of the coolest design/building companies in New York City — splendid madness ensues! — more on that in another post, as they fully deserve their own space and lots of it…)



Carrington makes really cool large-scale pieces out of sewing common objects like buttons or safety pins onto canvas. I love it, and apparently designer Paul Smith does too, as he bought tons of pieces from her show at the Royal College of Art.



Agent Provocateur’s Serena Rees has a Carrington in her London townhouse.



Paul, Serena and I aren’t alone. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are fans too, as this Carrington piece hangs in their very hip Hamptons home.



Two pence for your thoughts?



Or, maybe just a penny? Speaking of pennies, for those of us who can’t drop thousands right now on an Ann Carrington, limited edition prints are available for £195.00.

Who are your favorite artists? I’d love to know!



[Images via Ann Carrington]


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