The Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl were action-packed enough, but on Sunday nights all we really want are our Mad Men (and no, we don’t mean The Boss attacking cameras or poles with his crotch).
Even though we won’t be getting our Don and Betty Draper fix until this summer it seems, we’re already planning a Mad Men party in our minds.
Of course, there will be gimlets. And fabulous ’60s fashion, no doubt. But seeing as we don’t smoke and don’t want our place smelling of it, what’s a Mad Men-loving girl to do?
Enter our childhood obsession: candy cigarettes.
While the sugar sticks are probably about as healthy as real cigarettes, we say bring on the cavities. We’re Mad Women here at kellygolightly, after all.
Want to become a puff daddy — or mama?
Click right here.
p.s. A whopping 24 boxes, including shipping, costs less than the three boxes we bought a few weekends ago at a candy shop in Santa Monica. Le sigh.

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