Outdoor Living Room Updates with Perigold

The other day I shared updates to our lounge. Today I’d like to share some sprucing up we did outside to our terrace with Perigold! Check out our newly updated outdoor living room…

Introducing… Our Outdoor Living Room Updates with Perigold

updated outdoor living room

When our home was made over for the Modernism Week Showhouse, Christopher Kennedy designed our terrace and we loved it.

How To Design a Stylish Outdoor Living Room: Kelly Golightly shares tips and tricks for creating an outdoor living room and patio/terrace with Perigold in Palm Springs.

This space had graphic black-and-white rugs. But they weren’t really true outdoor rugs. And in the harsh desert, they eventually disintegrated. Sad, I know.

white modern outdoor living space

I loved the look, but they did mess with my eyes. Does that happen to anyone else too?

how to update outdoor living room

Certain patterns my eyes have trouble with, so needless to say it was time for an update!

Outdoor Living Room Updates with Perigold

So I was really happy when I found these rugs on Perigold!

outdoor fireplace for living space

We have a pretty large outdoor terrace, with two outdoor living room spaces, the one you see here with the fireplace, and the one you see in the additional pictures in this post.

pink bowl sandals

I love the color and pattern of  this rug , simple platinum and white diamonds. Neutral enough to go with everything, yet not boring, and the pattern is big enough that it doesn’t make my eyes go wonky.

dog lounging in outdoor living room

Plus, you can rinse these Dash & Albert rugs  right off with a hose if and when they get dirty. Odee loves to chew on palm tree husks here, so it’s nice that they are super easy to keep clean.

acrylic outdoor table

What do you think?

Are you making any updates around your house in the New Year?

In Palm Springs, winter is actually more like our summer (since summer is 120 degrees + you need to stay inside), so I was happy to get this space spruced up for “the season.”

Now, who wants to join me for a cocktail?


  Dash & Albert diamond hand-woven platinum/white indoor/outdoor rug c/o | bandeau top c/o| bikini bottoms c/o | hat c/o| earrings |similar sunglasses | caftan | shoes c/o


Thank you to Perigold for partnering on this post.

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