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There have been several seemingly little things we’ve been trying to get in order at home lately…silverware, glasses, cookware (more on that in a bit) — and a few of those little things have actually made quite a huge impact. One of those things? Pillows.

where to get the best pillows

Considering we spend a third of our life in bed (or in my case, more — I’m a sleeper, what can I say…), it’s important to get your bed sitch in optimal order. While we had finally made the move from a queen to a king size bed this year, our pillows hadn’t.

Since we also spend quite a bit of time in hotels, we started observing what made those beds so damn comfortable. Aside from mattresses and sheets, it’s the pillows.

Pillow preferences are a very personal thing, but we discovered that we both liked the large, king size pillows (kind of a slap-on-the-forehead kind of moment) and that we liked them to look full, but be completely like a cloud when you fall into one (soft density). And that they needed to be down alternative because down causes allergies for us.

So we took a chance on these Hotel Collection Primaloft Density Soft King Pillows and life hasn’t been the same since.

Pillows can be such a pain to shop for and super expensive to boot. These are normally $120, but on sale for Columbus Day today for $60. Plus you can get an extra 15% off today only with code Hotel. So if you’re looking to up your bed game, I’d highly recommend them.

p.s. We had gotten four, but I think I’m going to order more for guests beds and such in Palm Springs (even though the guest beds are queen-sized, we’ve determined that no matter the bed size, king size pillows are the way to go).



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