I must admit, Kelly was surprised that Suede took home the cake this week. Kelly likes Suede’s frock and gives him props for how he created essentially a new fabric out of what he was given, but Kelly’s stunned the judges chose one of the hardest dresses to mass-produce and one that wasn’t quite as wearable for most of America (can you see anyone over the age of 30 in this Paris Hilton ballerina number?). Kelly wonders if Bluefly was happy about that decision, seeing as Bluefly has to manufacture and sell it.

Kelly loved Terri and Kenley’s designs the most and found both to be highly saleable, flattering to most women’s bodies and incredibly chic. Kelly bets Bluefly thinks so too.

Take note ladies, both of their looks featured belted waists. Not out of necessity, but because it looks so elegant. A cincher at the waist makes you look slimmer, too. Always. Invest in a few fab belts for fall and you’ll be elegantly waisted, too.

Kelly loves the nature (well, supremely manicured nature a la Switzerland — not that muggy, buggy camping type stuff), but Kelly is tired of hearing the words “green” and “eco” and feels they’ve become marketing and political buzzwords. However, Kelly never tires of seeing Natalie Portman. She really is Audrey Hepburn incarnate.
Kelly’s going to stop Sueding (re: talking about herself in the third person), because I find it terribly annoying.
Anyone interested in Natalie Portman’s vegan shoe line for Te Casan can find it at tecasan.com. It’s actually really pretty, playful and stylish. Just like something Audrey herself would flit around in. However, just like with all of Stella McCartney’s vegan bags and shoes, one must wonder why something not made of leather costs so much. I also think it’s terribly ironic that Natalie Portman, a vegan, choose as the winner someone who calls himself Suede.

I also thought it ironic that Korto was channeling Shark Week with her fin frock, just as Shark Week is about to get underway. Sadly, this was about as frightening as spotting Jaws in the water. Maybe worse, because we women are very sensitive about our hips and backsides.

But I digress.
That Kenley’s a real firecracker. Natalie Portman did get that right. I expect to see her in the finale. Why? Because she has a distinct point of view, can execute — and edit — her vision and because she has tons of personal style and that certain star quality. People like that. I like that. And I can’t wait to see more.
‘Til we meet on the Runway again!
{photo credit: ProjectRunway.com}

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