the fine art of couchbedding: a sick day survival guide

Between Fred Baby’s doubly doozy of bronchitis and the flu (overachiever) and my round-the-clock dozing as I attempt to fight off both, lately we’ve been #teamcouchbedding. But while being sick sucks, your sick day doesn’t have to. Really! Here’s how to survive a sick day in style. 

Above sick day essentials:

a bell to notify the help to replenish your hot toddy / glam pajamas because you’re sick, not an animal / a sleep mask because now more than ever your beauty sleep is of utmost importance / a pretty place to stash your drugs / a pillow with your motto, in sickness & in health / slippers to keep your toes toasty / a cheery blanket that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself / a chic tray for your soup & saltine diet and to use as your makeshift desk because let’s face it, this blog doesn’t write itself!

More sick day essentials:

I also LOVE these cozy faux fur throws.


We’ve been living off of homemade veggie chilitortilla soup, and salmon with veggies (plus variations on this ginger chicken soup & this Tuscan kale soup).

But when you’re too sick to cook or shop, embrace the wonder that is Instacart and Google Express (who can grocery shop for you & get your OTC drugs same day). TaskRabbit can probably pick up your prescription drugs and there’s always GrubHub for restaurant delivery without every having to talk to anyone. Bliss.

Bored out of your gourd?

Top 10 Webshows & Poscasts & Top 10 Romantic Comedies.

And, if you have an Amazon Prime account, Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you easily watch all movies for free. Recent faves: Troop Beverly Hills, How To Steal a Million, and Romantics Anonymous.



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