Wishing you a festive St. Patrick’s Day, darlings. And one that won’t hurt too much tomorrow morning. How will you be celebrating? I’ll be at South by Southwest in my former home of Austin, clapping the loudest and the proudest at the premiere of my friend Josh Danziger’s film APART.


apart the movie josh danziger olysea rulin; south by southwest


Josh produced and starred in the romantic psychological thriller, which follows the journey of the tragically star-crossed Noah (played by Josh!) and Emily (played by High School Musical’s Olysea Rulin). The two are linked by a rare psychological disorder known as ICD-10 f24, or folie a deux (which means the madness of two). It’s actually a real disorder and it’s the suspected cause of Randy Quaid and his wife Evi’s, um, troubles (sadly Charlie Sheen has no cohort, other than tiger blood, to share the brunt of his madness). Noah and Emily must uncover the mystery of a tragic past in order to find hope for the future (sounds SO good, right?).


apart the movie; apart movie with josh danziger, olysea rulin, joey lauren adams, south by southwest


Joey Lauren Adams stars in APART, too (remember her from Chasing Amy and Mallrats?)! And it’s directed by Aaron Rottinghaus, who has been called the next Christopher Nolan (of Inception and Memento). How cool is that? Hopefully APART will be in theaters nationwide soon, so that you can see it too. Until then, here’s the website where you can get more info! And here’s a good little piece about it too. What an exciting moment. Can you imagine making your own movie? I was a Radio-Television-Film major and I can’t even imagine it! Congrats, Josh!

[Top photo via RareAudreyHepburn; all others via APART]

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