Love this ruffled blue-and-white striped top! #kellygolightly #jcrew

How are you feeling today? This day always feels different. It’s sunny and beautiful and the start of a new week, but it doesn’t feel like Monday. I feel oddly light, very grateful and truth be told, pretty out of it. And even though my mother-in-law says guilt is a wasted emotion, partially guilty.

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Love these white cateye sunglasses + they're a steal at under $20! #kellygolightly #jcrew #cuyana

Logically, I know that’s senseless. I am so grateful to be alive and that everyone in my family is doing well (although my in-laws just lost power in Georgia and aren’t able to leave the basement because the winds are so intense). That, even though I have some health challenges, that right now I am healthy and hopeful.

Love this ruffled blue-and-white striped top + nude leather bag! #kellygolightly #jcrew #cuyana

Actually I went to a doctor’s appointment today where they did an internal ultrasound to look at my lady bits. They didn’t see anything wrong. Which is a funny feeling of relief but also, as the technician who inserted the device into said lady parts said, “That doesn’t really help you, does it?”

How to wear a ruffled blue-and-white striped top + nude leather bag! #kellygolightly #jcrew #cuyana

Thinking about all of the people who don’t have all that I am blessed with, whether because of September 11th or because of the hurricanes or whatever, there’s that inner voice that says: You should be doing more to help. You have so much.

So perhaps guilt isn’t quite the right word. I know my mother-in-law is right. After all, that’s really just a self-centered emotion. But if there’s a word for turning empathy into action, that’s what I’m feeling. Humanity?

Giving back was one of my big goals for the year, and while I’ve been able to do that in some ways, I suppose it’s more of a hands-on approach I’m yearning for. If I had to sum it up in a hashtag, I guess I’d say: #gratefulpassiton

We’ll see what unfolds…

Palm Springs flash flood, September 2017 | PHOTO BY FRED MOSER

p.s. We took these photos minutes before a massive flash flood sent us running for the car, which you can see bits of here and here.




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