how to dress like audrey hepburn in sabrina

Happy Monday, darlings! I thought it might be fun to kick off the week with another installment of the Style Icon Project, this time based on my favorite look from Sabrina (see inspiration photos here). Sabrina is full of great fashion moments, both before and after Audrey Hepburn’s character visits Paris and has her jaw-dropping makeover. And while there are plenty of glamorous looks to swoon over, one of my favorites is the casual, cute ensemble Audrey wears when sailing. (I’ve especially always loved these outtakes taken on-set.) What’s amazing is her timeless men’s-inspired plaid top and fresh white shorts look just as spectacular today as they did over 50 years ago.

See how I wore them for a trip to the high desert and find out how to get the look…

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I started with a pair of white shorts that I’ve had in my closet for ages (these are from Express). Next, I added a vintage plaid top that I found for $4 at Angel View Thrift Mart in Yucca Valley, as well as these vintage white sandals ($5). Circular earrings, a pop of color on your pout, and a slight pop of the collar and a girl is ready for sailing…or a day of shopping with friends…or playing records with your sweetheart.

What’s great is that a plaid shirt is the perfect summer-into-fall piece and can even be worn year-round. Love this look too? Here’s how you can get the look:

PLAID SHIRT: J.Crew makes great ones like this, this & this (even a men’s shirt like this would work; make like Audrey and wrap it around your waist and tie it in a knot in the back (or front!) // WHITE SHORTS: love these // SWEET SANDALS: Marais makes cute ones like these (more sizes here) // BRIGHT LIPS: Nars Larger Than Life Place Vendome // HOOP EARRINGS: These are similar to Audrey’s gold hoops, as are these and these.

Is there a famous photo, outfit or icon you’d like to see emulated for the Style Icon Project? Let us know in the comments!

p.s. If you’re wondering about the amazeballs decor, you can actually rent this house. I. Love. It.

[Photos by FredBaby13]

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