Summer Beach Trip


Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner and even though I now live in LA where we have perma-summer year-round, I’m all about savoring the last sweet days of summer. A trip to Manhattan Beach this weekend was just the thing — made even sweeter by the fact that my parents were able to join us. They made a very last-minute trip from Texas and it’s been a blast turning Mom onto LA’s version of ice cream (fro yo), enjoying three hour lunches at Urth Caffe, listening to Music of the Movies at the Hollywood Bowl (with hundreds of light sabers conducting in unison to Star Wars scores, natch) and celebrity spotting at Gjelina ( I never saw my Dad’s jaw drop faster than when Courtney Cox sat down at the table right next to ours. She respectfully didn’t ask for my autograph — she’s from the south after all and has such good mannahs.). How are you savoring these last sweet days of summer?

[Photo via Partners and Spade]



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