As the season of giving and receiving finally wraps up, a lovely tradition to start that will make you and your recipients feel good? Thank you cards.
While not absolutely necessary per proper etiquette, particularly among family and friends whom you most likely exchanged your gifts in front of and already verbally thanked, we love writing thank you cards after the holiday season. Showing appreciation and feeling gratitude are really great ways to kick off the New Year. And trust, us, you’ll feel fabulous doing it!
Whether you’re thanking someone for a gift, for a great holiday party, for hosting you over the holidays or for simply supporting and championing you in 2008, a gorgeous way to say thank you?
With Kate Spade’s Thank You Kindly cards for Crane. Chic foil-stamped coral elegantly contrasts envelopes lined in brown for a big style statement.
Where to pick up a pretty set?
Take a peek here!

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