Cheating in Deer Valley. Oh dear.



Day 11 I found myself on a trip to Deer Valley, where the leaves were changing from green to red and gold and a distinct autumn crispness breezed through the valley. The cooler temps made me realize I hadn’t exactly thought beyond LA’s mild temperatures, though I did pack this black turtleneck sweater (just in case). So, I swapped out one of my white dresses for this sweater. Truth be told, I could have sucked it up and worn my cardigan with a jacket over (within The Challenge rules), but I wanted to feel nice and cozy and was completely bored of seeing myself in that same (darn!) cardigan. A girl needs a change. Lesson learned? I’m weak, people. I believe this is allowed because I have never worn the dress I swapped the sweater for… I’m a flip floppa, I know…I know. Shall I run for office?

The Style Recipe:

1 black Forever 21 turtleneck sweater (in exchange for 1 white Mint by Jodi Arnold dress)

1 pair of pink ASOS jeans

1 pair of brown Steve Madden boots

1 pair of diamond studs (not that you can see them here!)



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