UP BEAT: Feeling up beat about 2018! You too? More on the blog, including this Up Beat t-shirt and gold pleated skirt.

Happy New Year! How are you feeling? This tee pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about 2018! Here’s why…

How To Style a Pleated Skirt #kellygolightly #psilovehue

We snapped these photos on the last day of 2017 and it felt SO good!

UP BEAT: A fun way to style a pink tshirt.#kellygolightly

It was Odee’s first trip to the windmills and she loved it!

Pink Tee on Kelly Golightly

And I loved it!

Love this J.Crew UP BEAT tshirt on fashion blogger Kelly Golightly.

The blue skies looked like they had an Instagram filter on and the warm sun felt so good kissing my skin. If 2017 taught me anything, it is to treasure small moments because the little things really are the big things.

How To Style a Tshirt: Top fashion blogger Kelly Golightly shows you how to style a tshirt in Palm Springs, CA. #kellygolightly #palmsprings #windmills #jcrew #jcrewalways

Even Fred Baby said out loud what I was feeling: This was the most carefree and like “us” things have felt in a long time.

Kelly Golightly pairs a pink J.Crew tshirt with a gold pleated skirt in Palm Springs, CA.

More of that this year!

Blue Skies Ahead in 2018! #palmsprings #windmills #kellygolightly

It’s blue skies ahead!

My sweet teddy bear puppy!

And puppy snuggles too!

Here’s to feeling up beat about 2018 and all the GOOD moments ahead!


J.Crew pink Up Beat tshirt // similar J.Crew white button-up // J.Crew gold orbit earrings // similar red sunglasses // similar pleated gold skirt //  similar gold sandals

Fred Moser Photography


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