trina turk printed suit pant suit choc womens suit

My favorite fashion show at New York Fashion Week was Trina Turk and Mr. Turk’s colorful, playful presentation that took its inspiration from the LA Flower Mart and felt decidedly optimistic and Palm Springs (here’s a peek). You know I love me some TT, so naturally I wore head-to-toe Trina to the show. A head-to-toe pant suit that is. Take a look. 

trina turk printed suit pant suit choc womens suit kelly golightly in marie clair brazil; bloggers in trina turk kelly golightly

Prints from head to toe! Why not?


Sydne and I were both fans of this groovy print, clearly. And, as happened the entire week, Salvador and I coordinated — and no, we didn’t plan it.

chic pant suits trina turk blazer kelly golightly

Scouts honor!


Also fun, being snapped by Marie Claire Brazil outside of Lincoln Center after the show (here’s the article).

trina turk clutch

They encouraged me to smile for the photos and asked me, Why does everyone not smile for photos here?

trina turk heels

Good question, Brazil, good question. Apparently Brazilians think smiling — get this — looks good! Crazy, I know.

trina turk printed suit pant suit choc womens suit

Here’s to being more playful and Brazilliant — on and off-camera.

trina turk new york fashion week spring 2015

 Get the look:

Jacket: Trina Turk (another fun option below) c/o | Pants: Trina Turk c/o | Shirt: Trina Turk c/o | Bag: Trina Turk c/o | Shoes: Trina Turk c/o | Bracelet: Miansai c/o | Sunglasses: Zara (not available online but more white sunglasses below)

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Photos 1, 2, 4, 6, 7: Fred Baby; Photo 5: Marie Claire; Photos 3, 8: Rachael


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