Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, my loves! Before we go on an Internet break for the weekend (my husband is literally unplugging ours in T minus 30 minutes), I wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday with your loved ones…and also ask you a question: When do you open the presents?

In my family, it’s always on Christmas morning, in our pajamas with hot chocolate. In my husband’s (German) family, it’s always on Christmas Eve night, dressed to the nines with something bubbly in hand. I love both traditions, so since we are hosting Christmas for the first time ever, we’ll be doing both! Might as well spread out the festivities, right? But I’m curious: When do you open presents? What are your Christmas/holiday traditions?

I have some friends who are from Jewish/Christian families, which means eight days of presents AND Christmas day fun, too. Talk about hitting the jackpot! Wouldn’t that be the ultimate as a kid (um, or as an adult)?

Okay, I am off to enjoy some much needed time offline. Have a warm and fuzzy, hot-chocolate-fueled Christmas and holiday weekend and I look forward to catching up after the break xx!



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