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Are you as obsessed with podcasts as I am? It’s by far my favorite medium these days. So I thought I’d share my Top 9 podcasts that I can’t get enough of + listen to while I work…

I’m obsessed with podcasts, as in for each day of the week I know which one I look forward to – and it’s my favorite part of the day. I listen to them mostly when I’m editing photos and working or while I’m getting ready. While it’s normally a solitary activity, sometimes Fred Baby and I will listen to one together in bed while we fall asleep or occasionally on a drive. But I have the same excitement about podcasts as I did in the beginning days of blogs. You too?

So without further ado, here are my 9 favorite podcasts!

My 9 favorite podcasts:

Armchair Expert
This is Dax Shepard’s podcast that he hosts out of his attic at home (don’t you love that?). He mostly interviews celebrities, but the conversations are just really good and natural. Dax is VERY open about his past struggles and that encourages others to open up as well. It’s entertaining and informative and I just love hearing people’s backstories and gleaning more about human nature. His good friend, Monica Padman, is the co-host and at the end up each episode they have a segment going over everything that might need clarification or that Dax might have mistakenly said. Have a listen; I think you’ll love it. Favorite episodes: Kristen Bell (first episode with his wife), Mila Kunis, and Dax’s Mom.

Bad On Paper
I started listening to this podcast because I follow one of the co-hosts, Grace Atwood, on Instagram. Grace is the blogger behind The Stripe and she’s just always very real and honest and has the best beauty reviews. Along with her friend, fellow co-host Becca Freeman, the premise is that each week they talk about a book they’ve read — kind of like book club in podcast form. But, as with every book club I’ve ever been a part of, there’s a lot of talking about other things as well, and that’s what’s so great about Bad On Paper. It feels like you’re just hanging out with two best friends, hearing about their latest obsessions, beauty products, and highs and lows. Bonus: This podcast got me back into reading fiction. More on that in another post! Favorite episodes:

Boss Files with Poppy Harlow
As the tagline says, Boss Files features conversations about business, leadership and innovation. I always love hearing success stories and this podcast is always motivating and interesting. Favorite episodes: Sara Blakely, Misty Copeland, Arianna Huffington, Diane von Furstenberg.

The Goop Podcast
A podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow? Sign me up! Actually, GP doesn’t host every interview, but I especially enjoy the ones she does. This podcast covers a lot of wellness, which I’m very interested in, especially those around the topics of nutrition and autoimmunity. There have been several interviews with functional medicine doctors and alternative healers and I appreciate that there’s a space for this. That said, there are a few people who have been guests where I’m not sure about their legitimacy (Dr. Gundry and The Medical Medium) – but that’s just my perception. However, I enjoy hearing all the different viewpoints nonetheless. Favorite episodes: Oprah, SJP, Dr. Mark Hyman.

How I Built This With Guy Raz
Guy interviews entrepreneurs to hear how they built their companies. These interviews are always warm, friendly, insightful and inspiring. Guy is a pro, asking the questions we want to know, and I love his voice. Favorite episodes: Kate and Andy Spade, Drybar founder Ali Webb, SPANX founder Sara Blakely, Chipotle founder Steve Ells.

Jen Gotch Is Ok.. Sometimes
I love Jen Gotch, founder of Bando, and have been a follower since Bando’s beginning days of flower crowns and headbands. It’s been amazing to watch her build Bando into an empire and a highly engaged community. Jen has been EXTREMELY open on social media about her battle with mental illness and this podcast is an extension of that. While that probably sounds heavy, it’s not. Jen is so funny, likable and relatable, this podcast is a must for anyone who struggles with mental illness or knows someone who does. It’s also the reason I now look forward to Tuesdays (when new episodes drop). Thanks Jen. Favorite episodes: Any in which her Dad, Dr. Jamie14, appears.

Kevin Pollack Chat Show
I’ve always loved talk shows and interviews with comedians and celebrities. This is that but instead of getting to hear a 5-minute chat with a celebrity, you get to hear them talk for over an hour. The vibe feels kind of throwbacky (is that a word?) and it’s always just a fun time. Favorite episodes: Larry David and Jon Hamm.

Second Life
Hosted by WhoWhatWear and MyDomaine co-founder Hillary Kerr, who I love, Second Life interviews women who have made a major career change. If you’ve ever felt stuck and like you want to make a change but just aren’t sure how, this podcast is for you. Favorite episodes: Lauren Conrad, Jen Gotch, Kelly Oxford.

WTF with Marc Maron
I think this is the first podcats I ever listened too and it’s still one of my very favorites. Comedian Marc Maron is one of the best interviewers ever, and his candid talks with everyone from Sarah Silverman to Barack Obama are endlessly entertaining. Favorite episodes: Sarah Silverman, Anthony Bourdain, Amy Poehler.

My listening schedule:

Mon: Armchair Expert
Tues: Jen Gotch
Weds: Bad on Paper
Thurs: Armcahir Expert
Fri-Sun: I choose from the rest. ☺

Do you listen to podcasts? Are any of these in your rotation? Have any favorites?

Tell me, tell me!

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