You guys, I’m so excited to finally reveal Fred Baby’s office makeover! We teamed up with BDI to give Fred Baby an office that not only looks good, but that is healthier and more streamlined and organized too. Check it out below, along with this groovy electronic adjustable standing desk review!

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Are you familiar with standing desks? I wasn’t really, but Fred Baby’s office in Silicon Valley has them and whenever he’d return from a trip, he’d rave about them. A standing desk was TOP of his wishlist when it came to redoing his office.

So I was thrilled when BDI was game for teaming up on this makeover.

What’s SO cool about this adjustable standing desk – this is the Centro desk — is that you can use it as a regular desk, i.e. sit at it. But, then with just the simple touch of a button, the desk raises up so you can stand at it too!

So cool right? Like all of our Jetsons dreams are finally happening.


It even has a memory setting, which remembers which heights you prefer for standing and sitting. I’ve only ever seen something like that in high-end cars!

As you can imagine, that’s really clever because the height differs if he’s working at the desk versus when I am (he’s 6’3″ and I’m 5’3″.) 😉


How many hours do you spend at your desk?

We both spend SO many hours at our desks — like 8-12 hours/day — so being able to stand versus sit all day is so much better for our health.

They say being sedentary is as bad for you if not worse than smoking. Yikes! Fred Baby is a bonafide workaholic, so this is a HUGE plus.


The other major plus of this standing desk? It has cord management. You guys, I know there are things out there that can help with hiding cords, but in all of our years we’ve never actually gotten anything or figured it out.

You should have seen what it looked like back there before. Also, you can see the before here, but TBH we photoshopped any unsightly cords out of those photos. In addition, we shot the angles where you couldn’t see them. Oh, and also just put the laptop on the desk.

This desk has the cord management built in. And as you can see, he’s able to use his dual monitors and not have it look crazy up in there.

The difference between working in a space that has messy cords everywhere versus an office where everything is clean and orderly is night and day. I really feel that in my mental health alone. When things look chaotic, my brain is chaotic. When things are clean and orderly, I feel calm and organized. You too?


In addition to the desk, we also got this nice white modern shelf, so that Fred Baby has a spot for all of his camera gear, as well as the printer. It’s nice to have a home for everything, as it saves us from constantly looking for a lense or whatnot.

The shelf is called the Eileen which makes me giggle, as it’s a leaning shelf. Haha.


Finally, when not using the desk as a standing desk, Fred Baby finally has a chair that makes him feel like a boss!

This is the Task Master chair.

While it also comes in black leather, we went with the gray since the room has gray in the flooring and wallpaper, but also the fabric was appealing since it gets hot here in Palm Springs.

It’s ergonomically correct, so even when he’s sitting, at least it’s in a healthier position.


Have you ever used a standing desk? Would you like to after this standing desk review? I have to admit, now I totally want one too. Haha.

Big thanks to BDI for teaming up on this modern office makeover and making my favorite person and his office healthier and happier!



Electronic Adjustable Standing Desk: BDI Centro c/o | Modern White Shelf: BDI Eileen Blanc c/o| Grey Office Chair: BDI Task chair  c/o |Light Fixture: Hendrix by Troy Lighting c/o | Art: Amalfi From Above by Fred Moser | Chair: David Chair by Christopher Kennedy c/o | Floors: Crossville c/o | Wallpaper: Maranta Arrowroot Grass Cloth wallpaper c/o

My Dress: ASOS | Gold hoop earrings: J.Crew | Gold bracelet: similar

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