The upside of a down economy? It’s made us get out and exercise more. Maybe because we sit around eating comfort food, and by comfort food we mean Kara’s Cupcakes, Tuttimelon fro-yo and Miette’s salty caramels, all day and have to in order to be able to fit into anything in our closets.
So we’ve been taking our ever-expanding backsides to the streets, hitting the stairs, Rocky-style.
The only prob? Every time we get ready to leave, we find our headphones in a heap of tangles that would rival Medusa’s do.
By the time we’re done untangling them, we’ve almost convinced ourselves it’s not worth it.
Yet, we persevere. Only to be slapped in the face by bouncing cords as we’re trying to channel our inner Sasha Fierce.
Instead of melting down like a two-year-old and quitting altogether, we simply found a solution. And an adorable one at that: chicBuds.
The Swarovski-embellished headphones aren’t only pretty, they’re smart too. Kind of like Natalie Portman. They come with a built-in retractor that prevents cords from tangling in your purse, a clip that allows you to store your buds in your purse or on your clothes for easy access, and a fastener that prevents cords from bouncing in your face. Problem solved.
Where to solve your woes in style?
Right here.
Spring Break: Even better, we’ve scored you an exclusive 20% off! Just use code BUSS20 at checkout through April 1, 2009.

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