Cute Striped Summer Dresses

It wasn’t so long ago that wearing red was a departure for me. But recently, I’ve found myself attracted to pieces with splashes of red, as seen here, here, here + here. But it got me thinking…

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Cute Striped Dresses for Summer

In blogger world, or really anywhere you’re creating and building a brand, having a consistent color palette is really important.

Cute Red & NavyStriped Dresses for Summer

And it’s something I’m typically quite consistent with, which comes organically because there are certain hues I’m always attracted to.

Cute Straw Bags & Striped Dresses for Summer

So when I saw this dress, I thought it was super cute, but my next thought was: Is it “Golightly?”

Cute Straw Hats & Striped Dresses for Summer

And then I realized, why should I put myself in a box when I can put myself in a cute dress instead?

Cute Pom Pom Shoes & Striped Dresses for Summer

It’s a seemingly small thing, but something I think about often. Why limit yourself or put yourself in a box in ANY area of life?

Top Preppy Fashion Blogger Kelly Golightly wears Stripes in Palm Springs.

 I remember once years ago, a friend who’s a professional stylist who was also blogging, was struggling with the idea of people calling her a blogger. She’d spent years in New York and Hollywood as a stylist and this was back when blogger wasn’t necessarily a positive thing to be called. But my advice to her was: Let people call you whatever they want to call you. If they’re hiring you as a blogger, you’re a blogger. If someone’s hiring you as a stylist, you’re a stylist. Why label and limit yourself? Especially when so many of us do SO many different things these days.

I know that was a bit of a tangent, but a good reminder (perhaps mostly to myself, perhaps not?) to just do you and don’t be afraid to evolve. If you’re not evolving, are you really living anyway?

Do you often put yourself in a box? Or feel like others do? Do you feel the need to label yourself? If you’re a blogger, designer, business owner or human, do you feel like you have to stay consistent, even if that sometimes feels limiting? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments…

I’m wearing:

dress (also in navy + white here) c/o | hat | shoes c/o (also in silver for 30% off here) | bag c/o | watch (on major sale in the nordstrom sale) c/o | similar sunnies


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