How To Hang a Gallery Wall: Top lifestyle blogger Kelly Golightly shares how to select art, gives tips for hanging art, and shows how to hang an art wall. | #gallerywalls #artwall #gallerywall #sodomino

Today we’re talking how to hang a gallery wall, thanks to Minted, so that you can create a beautiful gallery wall of your own!

Buying art can be so challenging. Even if you have no problem selecting prints here or there, framing them is always a headache. Which is why I love Minted.

Minted sells a huge variety of beautiful art from independent artists across the globe, plus they offer framing. Headache solved. But once you have your framed art, what to do? I, for one, LOVE a good gallery wall. So when Minted invited me to team up and show my readers how to hang a gallery wall, I was in!

 5 Tips for Hanging a Gallery Wall

 I laugh when I think back to helping my friend Devon with her gallery wall. It was the night before her photo shoot for her home tour on Glitter Guide and she asked if I could help with a few finishing touches and one last project: installing her gallery wall. No problemo!

First, I should point out that Devon has amazing taste and really didn’t need any help whatsoever. But I am always happy to bring wine and pretend I’m being useful. My friends are constantly asking me for decorating help. And I am constantly pretending I’m helping. One day they’ll catch on, one day…

After we watched The Real Housewives, spruced up her bar cart, and sipped our wine, we got down to business: the gallery wall. My method was the same as I’d used in my own rental apartment. Eyeball and just go for it. Who cares if you get it wrong and end up with a few extra holes in the wall from trial-by-error nails? It’s a rental! I’m not sure Devon was so impressed with my technique, but her gallery wall did look banging in the end, holes and all.

However, since this time I would be hanging a gallery wall in the home that I actually own where the virgin walls are pristine and it seemed cruel to massacre them, I quickly developed some methods. Go figure.

Here are 5 Steps to Hanging a Gallery Wall:

How + Where To Buy Art Online: Lifestyle blogger Kelly Golightly shows you where to buy framed art online + how to hang a gallery wall. #gallerywall #artwall

Art (L to R): A Necessary Luxury by That Girl Studio (16×16) | Little Skipper Vintage Reading Series by That Girl Studio (11×14) | Heirloom Pear by Alexandra Stafford (16×20) |  Glyphs Serif by Jack Knoebber (11×11) | Something Borrowed by That Girl Studio (5×7)

1. Select art that relates to each other. The easiest way to do this is by choosing art within the same color palette. You could do all black and white prints for instance or do as I did and choose a color palette of bright happy hues – yellows, blues — in graphic prints. I further made things even more cohesive by using all the same frames: classic white. Choose art in different sizes for a more collected feel (you’ll want one or two larger pieces to serve as anchor pieces, plus several smaller sizes). Tip: To make your gallery walls feel even more alive, add something unexpected and more textural and dimensional, like a hat, mirror or Juju hat!

How To Hang a Gallery Wall + Win $500 to Minted! | Kelly Golightly

2. Lay out your art on the floor and start arranging until you like the placement. Generally, you’ll want to have your largest piece near the center, but I find it helps not to put it dead center. Think about balance — you don’t want two large pieces or two pieces with the same colors right next to each other. Also pay attention to negative space — the more the better, as it lets your art breathe. I like to stagger my pieces, so they’re not hanging at the same level.Tip: Once you have an arrangement you like, snap a quick photo on your phone so you can reference when it comes time to hang.

How To Hang a Gallery Wall: Lifestyle blogger Kelly Golightly shares how to hang an art wall, how to select art + tips for hanging art. | #gallerywalls #kellygolightly

3. Using kraft paper, trace each framed piece of art (ditto that for your hats/random objects). Then cut out the shapes. I also like to write down on the paper what each one is for (i.e. “pear” or “books”). Then, on the paper mark where each nail will need to be placed (Minted makes it easy because the art pieces arrive pre-strung with wire).

How To Hang a Gallery Wall: Lifestyle blogger Kelly Golightly shares how to hang an art wall, how to select art + tips for hanging art. | #gallerywalls #kellygolightly

4. Using painters tape — and the photo you snapped on your phone as a reference — tape your kraft paper frames to the wall. Adjust until you are happy. For instance, once I hung my arrangement on the wall, I realized I wanted a few more inches between pieces of art than I had when I originally laid them out on the floor. It’s much easier to move kraft paper art around than it is nails and actual frames.

The Best Gallery Walls : See how to hang a gallery wall + win a $500 Minted giveaway from Kelly Golightly!

5. Once you’re happy with your placement, use the marked spots on the kraft paper and hammer nails into the wall, tear the kraft paper away and hang your art! Tip: Alternatively, you can use 3M Command Strips instead of nails. Voila, an art wall that sings!

How To Hang a Gallery Wall: Top lifestyle blogger Kelly Golightly shares how to select art, gives tips for hanging art, and shows how to hang an art wall. | #gallerywalls #artwall #gallerywall #sodomino

Are you inspired to create a gallery wall of your own? You’re in luck.

CLICK HERE to enter to win a $500 giveaway to Minted! You can use it to buy the same pieces that I used or any art of your choice. Ends October 23, 2015.


Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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