My dears, this week has been short and crazy. Full of highs and lows for so many people I know. Which made me do a doubletake on my horoscope because, as suspected — and once again, my astrological go-to girls, The AstroTwins, were spot on. Here is an excerpt from this week’s general astrology overview for all signs:

Some aspects of life will speed up this week while others slow down. On June 1, a solar eclipse in Gemini puts the pedal to the metal. Eclipses bring quick and speedy openings (sometimes accompanied by necessary endings). This particular eclipse is in communicative Gemini, and will help us to initiate projects that involve writing, speaking, DIY projects, and working innovatively with friends and platonic partners.”



Did it ring a bell with you too? Or totally miss the mark? Do you believe in astrology or think it’s total bunk? All I know is that The AstroTwins are always eerily right (fun fact: I had the pleasure of interviewing The AstroTwins way back when — twice). Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can check your horoscope here (for free). I’m off to work on those above referenced projects, but until then I wish you a safe, lovely weekend and leave you with this week’s highlights:


Cute One-Pieces Under $35
Kelly’s 5 Picks: Hey June
There’s Always Room for Ice Cream









[Top photo: Unknown; Bottom photo: JKL Design, available for purchase here!]

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