anthropologie beverly hills best window displays


I’m always totally wowed by Anthropologie’s window displays (don’t they have the best displays ever?). I still remember stumbling across them for the first time, when I was living in Detroit (Birmingham to be precise; yes, I’ve done time in Motown) and they had these fantastic faux ice cream cones in the window. I wanted to walk inside and lick them all.


anthropologie beverly hills best window displays


So, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of their latest installation at the Anthropologie Beverly Hills location.


anthropologie beverly hills best window displays


Doesn’t this feel like Rainbow Brite’s popping in for a visit and you want to make her feel welcome? And I believe this fantastical rainbow was made using really simple materials, something that seemed to be a cross between gauze and man’s best friend, duct tape. I think it would be really fun to be an Anthropologie window display designer and merchandiser. How about you?

[Photos by kellygolightly — as with all photos, please feel free to re-post as long as you credit and link to kellygolightly!]

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