After 6 long — and short — weeks, the BIG REVEAL DAY is finally here! I’m thrilled to show you Kaylee’s Tween Dream Bedroom Makeover for the One Room Challenge! TONS OF PICS + links to all of my sources below!!

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Tween Bedroom Makeover for the One Room Challenge

But first, a reminder of what the room looked like BEFORE…

A mish-mash of things from baby and toddler years.

And hand-me down furniture that didn’t quite match.

Kaylee was seeking a CALM space that felt more like her.

She also hoped for a queen bed so she could have sleepovers, new blinds because she likes to wake up with the sun, a bigger bookcase because she loves to read, and a vanity because, well, what girl doesn’t want a vanity?

Whatever Kaylee wants…Kaylee gets. But seriously, her asks were so simple and sweet and I wanted to give her that and much, much more. SO let’s take a peek at her new room, shall we?



Behold her new room!

I think her smile says it all!

Such a ham. Haha.

Crown Molding: Metrie| Walls: Clare Whipped | Baseboards, trim, crown molding: Clare Fresh Kicks| Ceiling Paint: Clare Flat White

Let’s take a good look around, shall we?

Vanity: OverstockPink pendant light: Hudson Valley Lighting Rousseau |Art: Etsy (also here)| Poof: HomePop (available here) | Bed: Overstock | Bedding (duvet + pillows): Overstock | Sheepskin rectangular throw: Article | Sheepskin rug: Article

The biggest change was lightening and brightening everything up! This was done with white paint from Clare, and white crown molding, baseboards and trim from Metrie. The new moldings elevated the room and the paint made it for a fresh, start. White paint is my favorite for walls because then you can bring in color through accessories. And I love color! But when it’s on all four walls it often feels like too much in a small space.

New lighting made a HUGE difference too. Fred Baby suggested recessed lighting, which was a game changer in this room. But I wanted to add in more lighting that was beautiful as well. Hence, that gorgeous staggered pink pendant light from Hudson Valley Lighting. I placed it over the vanity to help define that space and so it’s a glamour moment. I love that it feels like jewelry!

Bed: Overstock| Mattress: Overstock |Foundation: OverstockDuvet cover set: Overstock |Comforter: Overstock | Sheets: Overstock | Anti-microbial pillows: Overstock | Euro pillows: Overstock | Pillow inserts: OverstockSheepskin rectangular throw: Article

Okay, back to the star of the room — this blue upholstered bed!

It’s from Overstock, as is the bedding. Kaylee has inherited her auntie’s genes and is sensitive to many things, so I tried to keep everything as hypoallergenic as possible.

Oh, and she reports that her new Serta pillowtop mattress is SO comfy too.

Vanity: Overstock|Pink pendant light: Hudson Valley Lighting Rousseau | Art: Etsy (also here)| Poof: HomePop (available here)

The pretty white vanity is also an Overstock find. With the placement, it also doubles as a bedside table. The drawers provide great extra storage too, while the vanity keeps a light footprint.


Tray: Couture

Her room before had A LOT of pink. But while Kaylee does like pink, her favorite color is blue. So I wanted to bring in some cool blues and much calmer, sophisticated pinks.

Blush pinks, white and Tiffany blue were our color palette. Essentially, the same colors you see in that Audrey bubblegum print. This pink faux fur stool from HomePop works perfectly.

Faux Peonies in Marble Pot: Shay Geyer x IBB | Be the Best Version of Yourself print: Minted | Pink Flamingo print: Minted

Kaylee loved this Be the Best Version of Yourself print from Minted and we thought the perfect place to hang it would be right next to her vanity mirror. A nice daily reminder.

Those peonies are faux by the way! Which is great because of the aforementioned allergies and also they will never die! They are by Shay Geyer for IBB Design.

Jewelry armoire: Hayneedle

Kaylee’s room is 12×12 so any chance to add additional storage space, I was taking it. She mentioned needing a place to put her necklaces, so when I was browsing for options, I came across this over-the-door mirrored jewelry armoire on Hayneedle. There’s SO much storage inside. Plus, the mirror on the door makes the room feel bigger.

Note: Since we traveled to Texas to make over Kaylee’s room, we had more like 4.5 weeks to get everything done and shoot. So as the photo shoot was taking place, items were still arriving. That’s why you see some items in some photos — like this jewelry armoire — and not in others.

Vanity stool: Article

This pretty white faux fur vanity stool from Article was another of those items.

Do you like it better with the white stool or the pink stool?

I love both and so does Kaylee, so she plans to switch them out every few weeks. 😉

Speaking of furry white things, if you recall Kaylee’s initial Pinterest board with rooms that inspired her, she pinned rooms that had white faux fur again and again. So I added in this sheepskin throw rug, throw blanket and pillow from Article. It really adds texture to the room and makes it feel more layered, cozy and glam.

Door: Valspar | Door Knob: Emtek Freestone Knob | Tassel: Overstock

Okay, moving on to the right…

The door! We swapped out the old brown flat door with one with more detail and painted it a pretty Tiffany blue. I wanted hardware that felt like jewelry, so when I spotted this gold doorknob from Emtek, I had to have it. To play up the Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired theme, I draped a tassel from Overstock on the doorknob.

I also added blue tassels to the closet doors. Yes, closet doors! Those are new. You may recall the room had no doors on the closet before? Adding these folding mirrored doors keep things clean and,the mirrors help reflect light and make the room feel bigger.

Let’s talk about this bookcase!

As an avid reader, Kaylee wanted a bigger bookcase. I went with this beautiful clear acrylic ladder bookshelf because it offers more book storage, but keeps a light footprint.

Bookshelf: Overstock | Hello Cocky print: Minted | 50 Hues of Pink art: Lamps Plus |Flamingo print: Minted | Pineapple bookends: Lamps Plus | Room Service button: House of Golightly | Ampersand bookends: Hayneedle | Pastel books: Amazon | Where We Dream print: Minted | Jewelry Box: Couture

As for what’s on the bookshelf, everything is linked above!

Let’s go inside the closet, shall we?


I am SO glad we ended up wallpapering the closet! Doesn’t it make SUCH a difference? The wallpaper is Tropicale by Poppytalk for Milton and King. It adds so much depth to the room.

Wallpaper: Milton & King | Closet: Hayneedle

The closet system itself is from Hayneedle and only is $120!

Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover | Kelly Golightly for the One Room ChallengeWallpaper: Milton & King | Closet: Hayneedle | Gold hangers: Overstock | Roller skates: Amazon | Baskets: Hayneedle | Mirror: Hayneedle | Gold disco ball: Amazon | Gold mirrored tray: Lamps Plus

This gives Kaylee so much more usable storage space, plus will help her stay organized.

Roller Skates art print: Minted | Let It Roll art print: Minted | Baskets: Hayneedle | Pink flamingo art print: Minted | Glasses art print: Minted

Those baskets are from Hayneedle and all of the art is from Minted.

Pink palm leaf art print: Minted | Telephone art print: Minted | Pink Agave art print: Minted |Gold mirrored tray: Lamps Plus | Globe art print: Minted | Roller Skates art print: Minted | Let It Roll art print: Minted

The gold tray is from Lamps Plus.

Wallpaper: Milton & King| Roller skates: Amazon

Here you can see an up-close look at the Metrie baseboards, Milton & King wallpaper, and the new carpet.

p.s. I totally want these roller skates for myself!

Dresser: Overstock | Lamp: Couture Lamps

Okay, let’s shimmy over to the dresser area…

We swapped out her tall dresser with a low, longer white glossy dresser from Overstock. Doesn’t it feel so much better than to have a high dresser looming over you? Also, I’m in love with this lamp!

Dresser: Overstock | I Don’t Know Where I’m Going but I’m on my Way print: Minted | Palm Trees print: Minted | Lamp: Couture Lamps | Jewelry Box: Couture Lamps| Toucan print: Minted | Focused + Sparkly print: Minted | Palm 2 print: MintedPalm 3 print: Minted| White TV: Overstock

I put a little gallery wall above the dresser — all of the art is by Minted — and swapped out a cute white TV for the old bulky black one.

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going but I’m on my Way print: Minted | Palm Trees print: Minted | Lamp: Couture Lamps

Just a little detail shot…

This light box is from Article and you can spell out whatever you’d like! I went with Chez Kaylee. 🙂

That cute aqua spotlight lamp is from Article too. They have so many cute pieces and at really good prices too.

Ceiling fan: Lamps Plus | Gold curtain rods: Overstock | Pom-pom curtains: Overstock | Roman Shades: Select Blinds | Fairy Lights: Hayneedle | Pink bench: HomePop

Okay, the final area of the room! Check out those windows — we can now SEE them!

Kaylee’s old blinds drove her crazy because she couldn’t get them to hang evenly, so I was super excited to surprise her with these blush pink Roman shades from Select Blinds. They are even motorized, which is so cool! She just presses a button on her remote control from the comfort of her bed. The white pom-pom curtains are from Overstock, as are the gold curtain rods.

White Glossy Dresser & Gallery Wall | Kelly Golightly x One Room Challenge

The pink bench is by HomePop. The gold tray is from Lamps Plus and the pillow is from Article. The faux fur throw on the bed is from Article too.

Ceiling fan: Lamps Plus | Gold curtain rods: Overstock | Pom-pom curtains: Overstock | Roman Shades: Select Blinds | Fairy Lights: Hayneedle | Pink bench: HomePop

You might recall Kaylee had a brown ceiling fan before? She really needed to keep a ceiling fan for circulation so we gave her a much prettier, more modern white ceiling fan from Lamps Plus. I’ve been working with the Lamps Plus family for years and always find SO many gems there.

This floor lamp is from Article and I love it. So simple and pretty.

Pale pink linen pillow with Greek key border: Arianna Belle | Blush pink velvet pillow: Arianna Belle | Palmwood turquoise pillow: Arianna Belle

Here’s the bench styled with these Arianna Belle pillows, which are so pretty, and make this area feel like a window seat.

Here’s a detail shot.

Twinkly lights: Hayneedle | Chair: Overstock

As we were shooting, this chair from Overstock arrived. Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

In a perfect world, the pink bench would fit at the end of the bed and the chair would be here in the corner, but there wasn’t quite enough space. Kaylee liked both the pink bench and the white chair, so plans to change between the two, just like with the vanity stool.

Do you prefer the white chair or pink bench in the corner?

Finally, don’t those blush pink Roman shades look so pretty when they’re down?

Oh, and I added twinkly lights behind the curtain panels as well. Nearly every room Kaylee had pinned also included twinkly lights, so I had to add them somewhere. And they add such a sweet, magical element to the room.

What do you think? Do you like how it turned out? Have any Qs?


Tween Bedroom Makeover | Kelly Golightly


I had a sleepover with Kaylee when her room was finished and it was so sweet. We watched I Love Lucy on her new TV and then drifted off to sleep as the lights twinkled. When we woke up, Kaylee opened the blinds with her remote from bed, and looked around, taking it all in. She admitted she was nervous about how the room would turn out. She said, “I knew it would be nice, but it turned out so much better than I ever imagined.”

Year made.



Thank you to Linda for spearheading the One Room Challenge + to all of the sponsors for making this room possible. And for literally making my sweet KayleeBug’s dream room come true.

Thank you to my family for helping put furniture together, dealing with contractors and so much more — this was a true family affair.

And thank YOU all for following along! Your support means everything.

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