Happy Friday! Did you dress up for Halloween yesterday? Or will you this weekend? We didn’t do anything but we did dress up our little buttercup, Odee, for National Torture Your Fur Baby Day! Here’s a peek at our cockapoo Odee as a piñata, a cheerleader and a pineapple. Do you have favorite puppy Halloween costumes?

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Do you dress up your fur babies? I couldn’t resist!

I ordered many Halloween costumes on Amazon for our beloved pup, and these were the ones that fit.

The funny thing about the cheerleader costume is it matches the one that my sister and I wore as cheerleaders in high school in Texas. My niece Kaylee recently found my sister’s cheerleading outfit and tried it on and it fit — disturbingly — perfectly.

So now both of our “daughters” have cheerleading costumes. 😉 Rah-rah-rah-sis-boom-bah!

The piñata costume kills me! Not to worry, we did not take a bat to our piñata to see if she was sweet inside..we already know she is. 🙂

Regarding her pineapple costume, this is the best photo I could snap so far. She would only keep the crown on for half a second, hence why you don’t see it here.

Maybe we’ll convince her to try it again this weekend…

Now tell me: Did you dress you your dogs or cats for Halloween? I want to know!

Have a wonderful, sweet Halloween weekend xo!

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