Stylish Gifts for the Pets + Lovers in Your Life: Banana Leaf Pet Bed + TeePee, Cactus Dog Toy+ More Creative + Designer Pet Gift Ideas!

I can’t believe it’s already gift guide time! Since I only have Odee on the brain, let’s kick things off with a Pet Lover’s Gift Guide, including 65+ gifts for pets and the people who love them.

poodle salt + pepper shakers | pineapple dog toy | banana leaf teepee | dog food canister | beverly hills hotel treat canister | french bulldog cuff | banana leaf pet bed | cactus dog toy | chewnel bag


Stylish Pet Gifts: Chewy Vuiton, Sniffany Box and more!

Can you believe how many cute things there are for fur babies? I think Odee already owns half of these, but with this face, can you blame me?

And ICYMI, here are 14 Stylish Pet Bowls. I ended up ordering this one + this one.

Have any favorites?

hairmes gift box | mutt & chandog champagne | bow tie | bark street journal | miss dogior perfume | sniffany bone | flamingo | chewy vuiton bone | barkingdales credit card | sniffany & co | barkin bag | chewy vuiton bag

 Here’s everything from above + more stylish gifts for pets + pet lovers linked below:

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