Still working on shedding those holiday LBs? Thinking maybe Happy Hour every night at the in-laws over the holidays wasn’t such a good idea…for your waistline?
Tired of feeling the squeeze of, oh…every pair of jeans in your closet?
{Insert voice of the host of ShamWow! here} Have we got the easiest, life-changing solution for you!
The Instant Button for Jeans, a removable button that looks just like any other button on denim, but has a pin on the back that pokes through your pants (think tie tack), giving you a little extra breathing room, is your saving grace. Saving you from meltdowns, saving your pants from hitting the donation pile, ultimately saving you money.
Pure jeanius.
Or, maybe you’re little in the middle, but got much back — or just have pants that are a little too big in the waist — (for the record: we hate you) and gap at the back, and want to make your pants a smidge tighter. Simply place the Instant Button on the other side of the button that already exists and voila, snugger pants.
We may or may not be in the habit of leaving the Instant Button on our favorite (but increasingly snugger) pair of jeans, walking to dinner with our pants buttoned on our regular button, and then stealthily switching to the Instant Button as soon as we sit down. We’re jusy sayin’.
Make your jeans your friend, instead of your sworn enemy. In a cinch. Literally.
Right here.
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