In 10 days, we (finally) move into our new pied-a-terre in Beverly Hills. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait to move in, decorate, and then lay around and do nothing (my favorite pastime). It will be the smallest place we’d ever lived in together, next to our loft in downtown New York and something about that excites me to no end. Is it weird that I’ve always really, really wanted to decorate a small space? Perhaps I’ve spent too much time on Apartment Therapy over the years.

Here’s what I’m envisioning…


An oasis of calm and sophisticated whites…sprinkled with a smidge of silver and powder blue. It’s best to stick to one color palette in smaller spaces, for a more unified look. And I love the idea of being enveloped in a glamorous vanilla hug.

How about you? What’s the smallest space you’ve ever lived in? Do you have any tips for designing a small space? Any favorite color palettes or designers?


[Photos all via my Pinterest. Join me there, won’t you? \ Top: 1. Massucco Warner Miller 2. Ikea 3. Kelly Wearstler \ Middle: 1. Domino 2. Windsor Smith 3. Domino  4. Unknown \ Bottom: 1. Unknown 2. Windsor Smith]


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