My darlings, I’m still trying to savor these last official days of summer as much as possible. You too? It hasn’t been easy as we’ve been dealing with all of the fun of planning a move, but we did get to soak up the benefits of living just a short drive from the ocean recently by dipping our toes in the water.


malibu; photo by


It’s funny. With friends and family in town the last few weekends, we found ourselves in Malibu more than once. The first time we went we had a fun lunch right on the sand with friends. But later, once we were home, I realized that we didn’t even feel the water! We quickly remedied that the following weekend when my parents were visiting. It’s funny how we can sometimes forget to enjoy the simplest pleasures…



Like strolling along the sand barefoot with your lovah. Say hello to my Malibu Ken!


malibu photo by


Here’s hoping you’re able to enjoy some of  life’s simplest pleasures this weekend. Next week, I’ll be in the throes of moving (finally!) but have some fun posts and new features lined up for you!


Until then, here are this week’s highlights:

Fashion’s Night Out: Did You Go? (How was it?)
My Fall Uniform: Under $50 Picks! (Seems I’m not the only one who picked up the striped sweater!)
Oh No They Didn’t (Those Kate Spade cats are such a hoot!)









[Photos by kellygolightly]

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