Exciting news: We’re going down under! Fred Baby has to go to Australia and Singapore for work, so I’m tagging along for the adventure. I’ve never been to either, so am super excited (especially about the Australia part – hello, Crocodile Dundee!).

But I need your help…

We haven’t done a lick of planning and the trip is just a few weeks away. We’ll be in Singapore for 4 or 5 days and then Sydney and Melbourne for 10 (and it will be summer there!). We’re thinking we’ll drive inland between Sydney and Melbourne once and along the coast once. But would LOVE your suggestions!

Have you been to Australia (or Singapore)? What were your favorite things to do?

I don’t dive (or do anything water related — unless sipping Mai Tais on the beach counts) so the Great Barrier Reef or diving with sharks is SO not my thing (wait the shark thing might be in Africa — I saw it on Tia and Tamara, oops!), and while I’m excited to see some of the sights in Sydney (the Opera House, the Bridge) my favorite part of traveling tends to be exploring the landscape of a country, often outside of the city. I love a good desert and empty road.

Of course, I love a little shopping (and a lot of food) too! I’m really excited to explore the design scene in Australia, as the images I’ve seen on blogs like Decor8 over the years have me giddy to be there right before Christmas (and to see what Christmas looks like in a summer climate).

Oh, and I’d love to see some kangaroos, naturally, and eat a bloomin’ onion (kidding!).

So tell me: Where should we go in Australia and Singapore? What should we do, see, eat, explore and shop? I’d love to know!

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