What To Wear to a Slim Aarons Party in Spain | Kelly Golightly

A reader wrote in with perhaps the most fun and “on-brand” question of all time. She’s invited to a 40th birthday party in Spain this September with a dress code of “Slim Aarons-inspired” (jealous!), but is stumped on what to wear. I’ve gathered lots of chic choices — all of which I want to wear myself. Read on for my picks!

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Slim Aarons: Marbella, Spain | Kelly Golightly

First things first, I went to the source: this Slim Aarons photo shot in Marbella, Spain.

SO dreamy, right?

Something breezy and flowy like a caftan or maxi dress would be ideal either in white or a colorful, happy hue like yellow, pink or blue. Jetset glamour is what you’re after.

September is still the end of summer and it should be warm in Spain, but not hot.

Check out my many picks below (I’m OCD, I know) and let me know your favorite!

I’m partial to this, this and this.

And also love this, thisthisthis and this (especially in yellow), which is a more affordable option.

I realize most of my picks are splurge-worthy, but how many times do you get invited to a Slim Aarons-inspired party in Spain!?

That said, if you think you’ll only wear this dress once, you could rent a dress from Rent the Runway. SO many chic pieces and VERY affordable. A few faves below:

If you should need further help with accessories after you select your dress, just say the word! My only fee is an inviation to the party. 🙂


p.s. Be sure to share photos of the party and what you wore!

Photos by Slim Aarons

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